About Us

Incito is a not-for-profit social enterprise, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our clients know they are making a real difference to the lives of our employees.

  • We provide employment for people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • We pay award based wages providing financial independence
  • Our ongoing training is a long-term investment in our team and the community
  • We foster self-reliance and pride within our team members

Incito Maintenance is a social enterprise of WISE Employment; a national not-for-profit employment services provider established in 1992 to help people with disabilities into employment. WISE currently delivers the DES (Disability Employment Services) and jobactive Australian Government employment contracts, whilst operating three social enterprises: Clean Force Property Services (Victoria & NSW) Incito Maintenance (Victoria) and ELS (Tasmania). These social enterprises provide commercially viable services, and produce employment opportunities to allow people from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the workforce.

Contact us to enquire about how we may help you, or to get a quote for your next project.